How To Start A Blog

Starting a blog when you're not a super duper tech whizz can seem a little scary, but the truth is you don't need a hoard of warrior nerds to share your tasty recipes and life experiences with the world.

Our main aim at Wagginglicious is to help share the treats you rustle up for your pet around the world, so we've put together this little guide below to get you started. As with all our guides we don't cover A-Z but you'll be up and running and the hard parts will be done with, we then leave it in your more than capable hands to explore, tinker and grow into the blogging Superhero we know you are!

Step 1 - Find a web host

Your super duper blog is going to have to live somewhere, otherwise the only person who will get to see it is you! Although commenting and sharing things with yourself is neat, the conversation can get a little jaded. :-)

So the rest of the world can get to your blog, it needs to exist on a web server (big computer, in a place we are never going to go to, but that everyone in the world can get to). The cheapest and most cost effective way of getting your site on to a server, is by paying a monthly fee to a web hosting company for a space on their servers. This is called shared hosting and is perfectly adequate for the beginner blogger

At Wagginglicious we recommend two providers, both have their pros and cons, but their biggest advantage is that they are super simple to setup Wordpress in (we'll get to this, but it's a big positive!)

Recommended Hosts


We'll talk you through a Bluehost setup, but the process is very similar on most web host companies and most have excellent documentation to back up this guide, if you get lost a little.

First you'll want to select the starter package, it's easy to get a little seduced by numbers, but the smaller packages have more than enough gigga-who-dle-flops to get us started.

Step 2 - Choose a name

Now the fun begins! What are we going to call your new blog? There is almost an endless number of possibilities limited by a couple of restrictions on the domain naming standards. These are bit laborious to list, but as we are going to assume you haven't lived under a rock for the last 20 years (oh, you have been living under a rock, oh sweetie that's terrible! Don't worry it'll get better from here on in (( HUG )) x ) you know what a domain name/URL are and roughly what they look like. The only other restriction is it has to be unique, so unfortunately may already be gone ;-) Either way think up something creative, rememberable, witty, clever, sexy, amazing and fantastic... we'll put the kettle on and wait for you to come back to us :-)

Ok, now you have a name (really? We're going with ok!) now we need to register it, which we can do by putting it in the new domain form. Use the box below to check that it is allowed etc, but be super duper sure all your spelling is correct!

Once your domain is checked, you can complete the sign up form, we suggest going for the 36 month package, it works out lots cheaper and you don't have to worry about it for ages and ages, which is always nice!

Step 3 - Install Wordpress

There are lots of different blogging software platforms out there, but by far the most popular is Wordpress, add in that it's free, really easy to use and simple to customise, it's a bit of a no brainer to recommend it.

Login in to your bluehost account section and go to the Website builders section. Click on Wordpress and follow the guided wizard for installing. Just make sure you put the right domain name in when asked!

Step 4 - Make it awesome

Once you're all up and running, then you just need to find a theme that you love. There are a gabillion ones available on Wordpress, some are free, some are paid for. We suggest just playing about with some until you find one you love.

And that's it! You are now able to login in to the wordpress admin section of your site, write a post and the world can browse to and view it. Pretty cool huh? Now you just need to submit your first tasty recipe to Wagginglicious and have a read of our How to promote your blog guide.

Disclaimer - Our lawyers say we have to add, that we made up and if you are Mrs Mollie and that is your URL, we're really sorry and just let us know and we'll change it!

NB: Please please please don't use, think up your own one, unless of course you are Mrs Mollie (See disclaimer) :-P